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        From a small town of Colorado called Yuma County, population 2000, comes a man whose name will soon be known all over the world! And his overall skills have made him one of the most exciting young men in the game today...Mr. Ariel Castillo!

       Ariel, playing concerts, acting, modeling, filming, directing and producing videos around the country. He spans the entire music fashion era, ranging from classic dance songs to rock and roll anthems. Ariel prides himself on having a song list and modeling pictures which includes hits other bands don't play. They are entertaining, sexy and will fill the dance floor. From 3 minute hits that get the crowd turned up off its feet to new and modern songs and pictures to entertain the diehard fans. Everyone in the audience is guaranteed to hear a tune that gets their foot tapping. Ariel creatively and professionally turns any venue into a fun and entertaining place to be. 

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Denver, CO, USA


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